Delicious, Chicken of Lake Erie. Some say Lake Erie Perch is the best tasting fish on earth! Most of the fishermen I've met prefer the perch to walleye. Spring and fall are the best times but we can fish for perch anytime.In the fall I strickly fish for perch. I use spreaders and minnows and crappie rigs with minnows while anchored. We can fish for both as long as we decide that a head of time. Go ahead. Challenge the Captain!!!! Beeers will be involved.[ Bud in bottles is my preference.



I personnally love to perch fish.Perch are relatively easy to catch [once you know the secret ] and they are the best table fare. There are 2 different rigs to use and 3 different methods to use them to catch the perch. I will gladly share my knowledge with you once you are on the boat and you decide which way you prefer. As always, I'll supply the rigs, hooks and bait for you. Better to give the customer the right stuff than trust that they bring what works. 

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