Our number one target fish. We drift while casting jigs in early spring, weight forward spinners and casting harnesses the rest of the season. We are sport fishermen so we use light tackle and YOU catch, fight, and land the fish. Fish cleaners are close by the marina and they will come to my boat and pick them up and keep them until you leave. I don't have a first mate most of the time and I don't go to the bow and catch all the fish like you've heard about other charters. This is your trip and you should catch the fish. I'll help at times but you catch em and I'll net em.



The fish most fishermen want to catch. There are two popular ways to catch them; drifting and trolling. Drifting requires a knowledge of fish movements, fish behavior, fish activity, and a complete understanding and knowledge of the area you're fishing, and most important, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE,  EXPERIENCE. That's my part. For your part, you should want to catch the fish yourself using the fishing skill you posses. You bait the hook, you make the cast, you set the hook, you fight the fish using light tackle the sporting way.

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