Erie Dearie is a classic, but there are many more options for you to consider. I generally use the weight forward in the early summer or on shallow rocks. Sure Shads, Reef Runners, Tiny Teasers, Crooked Eye, and Parrish are all good. During the summer, though, casting harnesses are the best lures. I provide these on a you lose it you bought it basis. If you have your own,by all means use them. In the spring, pre and post spawn, I use purple hair jigs with stinger hooks.

fishing lures


I use 3 types of lures when drifting for walleyes. Weight forward spinners, [ Erie Dearie, Crooked Eye, Sure Shad,] casting harnesses, and jigs in the early spring.I provide all the lures on a "you lose it you bought it basis" but you can bring your own if you want. I use various colors on the weight forwards and any color blade on the casting harnesses as long as it's GOLD. Jigs are purple with hair and a trailer hook.I provide the bait except for the jigs which I usually use baitless.


Scent of Victory: Largemouth bass

For Largemouth Bass in particular, their sense of smell is highly developed. In fact the commercialization of million dollar Bass fishing tournaments has led to leading scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of how well Largemouth Bass can smell and sense chemicals in the water and how they react to these smells. I don't normally fish for these on a charter but on the rare occasion I do. A lot depends on the weather and where I'm fishing on the lake.

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