Tips on Catching Walleye You don't just get on board and start casting away.There are certain places to stand, directions to cast, and ways to work the lures all while not hooking one another. You'll learn the right ways [ or remember the right ways ] , you will catch fish, and you will become PROFICIENT!! The better you are, the easier it is on me and the happier you will be. A happy fisherman is more fun to be around, tips better, and, most importantly, wants to rebook the charter. Incidentally, a happy fisherman is more likely to buy the debriefing beers on the deck after fishing. Bud in bottles is fine.



I use light tackle and drift fish for the walleye. NO TROLLING. If you want the boat to catch the fish using heavy tackle that completely outmatches the fish and requires no sporting ability other than sitting there waiting your turn, DON'T CALL ME!! I offer the experience of baiting your lure, casting, hooking, and landing the fish using light tackle and your own ABLITY to do so. You will experience much greater satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when you do all the work to fill the cooler.

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