Captain Pat Armour

I have been running CHARTERS for OVER 30 years beginning in 1975. I have personally run over 3300 charter trips in my career. Remember, there is NO substitute for EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE!!!! i know how to fish! I know how to treat customers! I know how to handle a boat! I know how to run a charter and I can be TRUSTED!!! I do this full time and own my boat. You won't find a rent-a-captain on my boat or any other when we have a multiple boat trip. I don't run in any weather just to get a pay day. Your comfort and safety is my #1 concern after my own, of course. If I wouldn't like it, I'm sure you wouldn't either. I try to treat my customers like I would like to be treated. I may not please everyone, but I do most and I give it a heck of an effort. Nobody tries harder than me.

About Me, Captain Pat Armour

Hi, I'm Captain Pat, My brother and I began fishing Lake Erie in 1964.We began charterng on a part time basis in 1975 and full time since 1980.Although my brother no longer charters, I still do on a full time basis.

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