Bring a cooler, but not 12 coolers. One large cooler and maybe one small cooler if needed. How big/small ? 80 qt for drinks and if you need more room 24 qt. or less for food. You won't need a cooler for the fish on the boat. I have that. You can have another cooler in your car or use your drink cooler to take your fish home Consolidate wherever possible to save space.

How to be Cooler, on Lake Erie


They make coolers big, really big. In fact if you go to an outdoorsman's store, you'll find coolers with grills on them. Groolers. Coolers with wheels, coolers with dry storage, coolers with flat panel TV's and coolers with radios. While we can do our best to accomidate every cooler, some just aren't practical.

How to be cooler:

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