Sun Glasses

Eye Care on the water is extremely important, don't forget your sun glasses and make sure they aren't cheap! Infrared and iv protection are a must. Glasses that are only dark and don't offer any filter protection are BAD FOR YOUR EYES!!!! They should be polarized too. Also, have a set of holders on the glasses in case they fall from your head. I haven't seen any that float. You'll be glad you did. It would help to have the wrap around kind or the little shades that attach to your glasses to keep the sun from getting in the corner of your eyes. Remember that the sun light is more intense on the water. It reflects off the water and is worse than on land.

Fishing charter eye & skin care: Sunglasses

Fishing Captains own some of the best sunglasses ever made. Why? Because they know the benefits and the protection that comes from a good pair of shades. Open water fishing makes the sun a hazard of the workplace everyday. So if you want advice on what type of sunglasses to wear, a Captain can tell you!

There are several factors that you should know when choosing a pair of sunglasses for use on the open water.

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