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For over  thirty years I have had the pleasure of fishing with Ray Kelly the CEO and COO of Bil-Jac Dog Food Co. Anybody who owns a dog or a cat and especially showdogs, knows about Bil-Jac. It's a frozen dog food best known for producing glossy coats and controlling the stoole of the animals. They are international and known world wide. Ray, usually accompanied by his brother-in-law Jerry who happens to own the Skyway Drive Inn restaurant chain in the Akron , Oh area, have fished with Irish C Charters on numerous occasions over the years.I even fished with Ray before I started chartering. The point is we have had may memorable days fishing mostly good, some bad but always a good time. Ray has at times brought his emplyees fishing and we have a mini tournament for bragging rights among the emplyees. He can atest to rewarding his workers with a fishing trip as an incentive for work well done and promoting well being in the work place. I look forward to fishing with Ray again very soon.


R & D Inc

1111 Oberlin Ave SW
Massillon, OH 44647-7665
(330) 832-5096

Another long time customer and member of my winning  tournament team.