About Me, Captain Pat Armour

Hi, I'm Captain Pat, My brother and I began fishing Lake Erie in 1964.We began charterng on a part time basis in 1975 and full time since 1980.Although my brother no longer charters, I still do on a full time basis. I do this for a living and not as a summer job or as a part timer.I own the boat and it is up to me to make the  business successful.No rent-a-captain here .I run the boat so it's up to me to make the customer happy.When I do, it's good for repeat business.So far repeat business has been excellent.I try in my own little way to entertain you so you'll enjow yourself even on slow days.I try to treat you like I would like to be treated.When the trip is over we usually sit in the lounge chairs on the water behind the motel by the boats and enjoy some refreshments.I drink Bud in bottles in case you were wondering.