Ahhhh, Beverages

Drinking is a must, Drinking Alcohol is your responsibility. We reccomend bringing ample supply of hydrating fluids. Being out in the sun and reeling in all the fish takes energy, and body fluids. Plastics and Aluminum cans are reccomended, if bottles are your thing, remember to place them in a drink holder, and when finished into the waste container, not rolling around on the deck. If your bottle is rolling around on deck, and it breaks, you have to pick it up with your teeth. Ship Rule. Please keep in mind that the deck is packed full of omega 3 in the from all the fish that you just caught, also vitimans and minerals like the bottom of your buddy's tennis shoes, and that buddy has three dogs that he walks daily, three dogs with bad aim.

Large drink containers like 2 liters, and gallon jugs take up a lot of room in a cooler and also are easy to spill even in small waves. The same goes with dixie cups. Irish C offers drink holders, with our logo right there, so whenever you sip you can be reminded on the great time your having on the Irish C.