Arrival Details: When you get here...


Upon Arrival Check List:

  • Parking is available right behind the Marina, on the western most side of LakeLand Motel
  • If bringing multiple vehicles, park one by one, behind your party
  • Make sure your keys are coming on the boat
  • Place all electronics, and dry objects into zip lock bags
  • Unpack items to go on the boat
  • Do you really need 4 coolers? Consolidate for comfort
  • Place beverages in coolers before loading on boat
  • Restrooms are available before boarding, please ask the captain for the nearest available head
  • Double Check comfort items: Sunglasses, Bug Spray, Tennis Shoes, Sunblock, Food and Drinks
  • Remember once we are at sea, we are at sea. Turning around is something only the fish want you to do.