Coats and Jackets: The Lake Erie Effect

You live in suberban Chicago, or Canton, Ohio. It's forcast 79 degrees on a beatiful May morning. You pack your t-shirt, shorts, sun lotion, and head to the lake. It's 42 degrees. Shivering you ask why?

The answer, Ice.

Lake Erie is frozen sometimes into the start of fishing season. If you've ever had a McDonalds Coke-a-cola, and asked yourself why it's cold, then your on the right track. Picture the lake as a big Sprite. Or better you're standing on the edge of a glass of Minute Maid full of icebergs. Then suddenly a large bearded face blows accross the surface. It's cold isn't it.

All kidding aside, it's easy to pack light, and forget the lake temperature is lower / colder than the air. Many realize too late that not only are they on the edge of an icey beverage, they have to get in a boat and ride around in it. Unlike humans, Coats and Jackets don't complain if you leave them in the car, or in the cabin.

The best scenerio is to bring layers, a light wind jacket and a warm coat. Bring what you need on the boat depending on the weather. If you think it's warm, as the captain what the temperature on the lake is. He was out there yesterday, he knows.  Remember comfort means you mind isn't complaining, and you can focus on the fish you're catching.

We've seen the tough guys, to filled with pride to ask co-worker Dave to wear his extra NorthFace. Sometimes Dave himself won't get it out because the rest of the group forgot theirs and he doesn't want to rub it in. Gents, catching fish is why we are here, we should be thinking about the FISH! It's amazing what a little jacket can do on a cold lake.  Sun note: Just because the lake is cold doesn't mean it's blocking the sun. Glasses and lotion, Glasses and lotion.