Drink holders or Koozies, we offer the best

Drink Holders are things that hold your drink, and Port Clinton / Put In Bay is no exception. Cans or Bottles: having a neoprene pad between your fingers and the beverage you're holding is the ultimate in drink satisfaction. That's why the Irish C offers proprietary drink holders for purchase. Get a drink holder from Irish C in your hand and ladies give you a wink and a nod as they pass by. Ask the captain for details. (...about drink holders, the last time he got a wink and a nod from a lady was when he was standing in front of Tiger Woods.)

What's great about drink holders is they are multi-functional. Drink holders keep drinks cold, and work with dozens and dozens of brands and most popular containers. Warm drinks literally aren't cool. Not only that, but if you find a drink holder with a honest saying like, "I use this because my wife is slow bringing more." You are most cool, and more popular with other guys whose wives also take their time refilling beverages.

Remember the best drink holder is the one you're using.