Fishing charter eye & skin care: Hats and Shade


When you're on a fishing charter on Lake Erie there are many things you need be concerned with. One of those is catching loads and loads of fish! Some of the others are your eyes and skin.

So you think you're bad? You think the sun is just a little warm spec in the sky that is simply there to give you the light to fish by?

There is no man too big to be humbled by the sun. Sure they leave with a ton of fish, just like you will, but they also leave with tired, bloodshot eyes and a nice sunburn. Hats are the first step to protecting your face form the rays of the sun. They make long billed fishing hats, but you'll likely be the butt of the "why the long face" joke or, "Hey Mike, your hat's excited." Still, dealing with a minute of fun will save you hours of anguish after a sunny day without protection. All hats with visors will block the sun from the sky, but there is another factor in the water - reflection. In order to protect yourself from burns from the lake, additional products are recommended, such as Sunglasses and Sun Block lotion.

The shade that is provided by the boat is minimal, and you can't catch fish when you're below in the cabin, so remember to pack a hat!