How to be Cooler, on Lake Erie


They make coolers big, really big. In fact if you go to an outdoorsman's store, you'll find coolers with grills on them. Groolers. Coolers with wheels, coolers with dry storage, coolers with flat panel TV's and coolers with radios. While we can do our best to accomidate every cooler, some just aren't practical.

How to be cooler:

Bring as many coolers as your transportation sees fit. When you get to the dock, move food and drink into the most practical cooler. There's a great radio on the boat, and grilling itsn't an option, so consolodate into a cooler everyone is planning on using for... keeping things cool. After the trip, there will be bags of fish filets, or just big ol' fish to take back to your wives for filleting and cooking (don't we all wish! But don't worry filleting is available on the trip back), This is when you will divide the winning, and seperate into extra coolers. If there are four cars, and four coolers, bring one, fill it up, and then like an Irish Fisherman Santa Clause, fill your crews coolers after we unload.

For information on how to be warmer, see Coats and Jackets.