What to Bring

Soft soled shoes [ tennies or boating shoes ] sun screen, fishing license, rain suit, a hat or visor, sea sickness meds [ start taking the night before fishing,]  you're favorite rod and reel with 8 lb test line, consolidate beverages and food into one large cooler and one small cooler, a camera, cell phone, lip balm with sun screen. Don't bring large tackle boxes with every lure you ever bought. I have the lures you'll need. Bring a Small tackle box which may contain terminal tackle such as swivels, maybe some Lake Erie lures you used before, clippers, etc. I've had charters where everyone on board brought a 2 or 3 tier tackle box and took up too much room. Same on the coolers. Everybody doesn't need to bring their own cooler. One big cooler and maybe one small cooler. Then you can use those coolers to take the fish home in. Bring whatever food you want and I've been asked if alcohol is permitted. I had to be honest and tell them it was mandatory [ I'm irish don't forget.] You may bring glass on the boat, just be care full. Hard liquor is  ok but I rely on the customers to be mature and considerate enough to act like adults and drink responsibly. If intoxication appears imminent the trip is over. Go over your checklist before you get on the boat.

Additional info in leftside column under title fishing gear.