What do I wear when I fish?


What do I wear?

It's not a silly question, however the initial answer to that is: Clothes. 

If you're a nudist head up to Put N Bay, there are a bunch of crazies up there who will cheer as you're promptly escorted to the brig.

The best practice is to follow two simple guidelines:

Comfort and Worm guts.

The first rule: Comfort.

You're out on a boat, the ladies who are tanning on the speedboats aren't looking for mates, they've found one, and he's probably driving the boat. Dressing to impress isn't going to be comforatable on a fishing trip, and if you're not comfortable, you're not thinking about the fish your catching. If you are single and want to dress to impress, simply book a room and take the Jet Express to Put-In-Bay, and make the most of your awesome v-necked sweater vest and collared shirt. The fish don't come for good looks, Captain Pat catches a lot of fish, a more perfect example of this does not exist elsewhere.


Secondly: Worm Guts and Fish Bane.

Worm guts and Fish Bane are in the forecast. We use worms to catch fish, the worms eat dirt. They will put that dirt on your hands, and in turn, if we hit a rouge wave, and Dad grabs you for support, they will end up on your shirt. Fish bane is a welcomed substance, it smells of success and manliness. Some patrons who skip a shower before heading to the Bay have found Fish Bane to be an aphrodesiac. We at Irish C Charters still don't know what the word Aphrodesiac means.

T-Shirts are available, we reccomend you buy it after the trip, but if you want to spare your awesome sweater, they are machine washable.