Your Tackle Box and Charter Equipment

Captain Pat and the Irish C fishing charter will provide all the tackle and equipment you need to bring in the fish, but If you have an arsenal that you've been investing in; bring it with you. Remember when sport fishing on Lake Erie you don't need the tackle box with the dresser drawers full of ocean fishing reels, shelves of bobbers, handmade rainbow trout flies from Durango, CO. If your tackle box has a detachable unit, fill it with your preferred gear and store it safely in the cabin. If not, speak with the Captain, he may have the precisely gear you need ready for you. Lastly anything you bring make sure you're experienced using it. Just like in golf, a round of 18 is not the time to test a new driver. Take it to the range! If you don't have experience working with the rigs provided, Captain Pat will provide equipment and instructions to assure the best possible catch!