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Tying a dropshot rig

Drop shot rigs are one of the most popular way to fish a plastic bait right now. It is an easy rig to tie and fish, and it catches bass. It is especially good for suspended fish or pressured bass that will not hit any other rig. I have a few but bring your own if you want.


Tying line to the reel

Here's a short, illustrated guide to attaching your fishing line to the reel.


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Scent of Victory: Largemouth bass

For Largemouth Bass in particular, their sense of smell is highly developed. In fact the commercialization of million dollar Bass fishing tournaments has led to leading scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of how well Largemouth Bass can smell and sense chemicals in the water and how they react to these smells. I don't normally fish for these on a charter but on the rare occasion I do. A lot depends on the weather and where I'm fishing on the lake.



We all use them at some point. Swivels are and have been a main part of the terminal tackle on almost any rig. Some anglers swear by them. Others swear at them. But they do serve a purpose.


Fishing safety

Fishing isn't a dangerous sport, but you should prepare to be safe and comfortable in the outdoors. It is possible to get caught unexpectedly in bad weather, encounter insects, spend too much time in the sun, or get caught on a fish hook.


Tying a swivel


Fishing may seem like an easy, leisurely activity, but for many it is a serious sport, and there are lots of little things to learn and tools to help the fishing enthusiast catch the big fish. One little aid is the use of a swivel on a main line to prevent the line from twisting when it is being reeled in. Here's how to tie a swivel on a fishing line.


Tube Tactics


Truly one of the most versatile of all soft plastic designs, tubes continue to catch bass from the surface to the bottom in shallow and deep water year round. An individual angler's amount of creativity is the only limitation when it comes to rigging and fishing tubes. They are commonly Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, drop-shot rigged and even fished weightless.


A buyer's guide to freshwater fishing weights

Fishing weights are an important component in any angler's tackle box. Unlike sinkers that are mainly used for bait fishing, weights are primarily teamed with soft plastics and lures. Weights influence a bait's action and let you work them near bottom or any where else in the water column. For our purposes we use egg sinkers for the casting harnesses in sizes 1/2, 3/4, and 1 oz. For a drag line use a bottom bouncer rig in sizes 2, 3, 4 oz. 

Buying your first Rod and Reel

There's a time in everyone's life when you walk past the ailse of fishing equipment and wonder, "What's the right rod and reel for me?"

The fact is that not every situation calls for the same rod and reel combo, but learning a casting style and having a solid, go anywhere do anything combo is essential for learning the basics and becoming a better fisherman.

The All in One Combo:


Nothing clips like a good pair of clippers. I reccomend solid gold fingernail clippers, but only if you leave them on the boat when you leave.


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