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What to Bring

Soft soled shoes [ tennies or boating shoes ] sun screen, fishing license, rain suit, a hat or visor, sea sickness meds [ start taking the night before fishing,]  you're favorite rod and reel with 8 lb test line, consolidate beverages and food into one large cooler and one small cooler, a camera, cell phone, lip balm with sun screen. Don't bring large tackle boxes with every lure you ever bought. I have the lures you'll need. Bring a Small tackle box which may contain terminal tackle such as swivels, maybe some Lake Erie lures you used before, clippers, etc.

Irish C Charters Rates & Trip Estimates

Standard Package   630.00.  Walleye .   This package includes bait, lures [ on a you lose it you bought it basis, ] rods and reels, [ 100.00 fee if you lose the equipment,  don't laugh.It happened three times last year alone.] and ice for the fish.Prior to May 1st walleye is 450.00 and perch is 400.00.    

Mini Exec Package  700.00 includes fish cleaning to the standard package, storage included if needed.

Smallmouth bass is 630.00 but live bait is e

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