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Berkley Baits for Bass


Berkley makes excellent baits for small mouth bass fishing whether your using jigs or drop shots.

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I use light tackle and drift fish for the walleye. NO TROLLING. If you want the boat to catch the fish using heavy tackle that completely outmatches the fish and requires no sporting ability other than sitting there waiting your turn, DON'T CALL ME!! I offer the experience of baiting your lure, casting, hooking, and landing the fish using light tackle and your own ABLITY to do so. You will experience much greater satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when you do all the work to fill the cooler.

Tying a dropshot rig

Drop shot rigs are one of the most popular way to fish a plastic bait right now. It is an easy rig to tie and fish, and it catches bass. It is especially good for suspended fish or pressured bass that will not hit any other rig. I have a few but bring your own if you want.

Tying line to the reel

Here's a short, illustrated guide to attaching your fishing line to the reel.

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Fishing Basics

So, you are interested in fishing. This is a great place to start, especially if you've never fished before. Here you will find some general concepts and be introduced to some of the basics of freshwater fishing.

The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes - Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario - are a dominant part of the physical and cultural heritage of North America. Shared with Canada and spanning more than 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) from west to east, these vast inland freshwater seas have provided water for consumption, transportation, power, recreation and a host of other uses.

Basic fishing tackle

Fishing tackle is equipment you use to get live or artificial bait into the water, dangling in front of the fish. It's not necessary to have a lot of tackle if you are just taking up the sport of fishing, but you do need basic and proper tackle. If you are a beginner, it's best to keep tackle to a minimum until you hone your skills. Then, and only then is the time to try more advanced tackle.

Buying your first Rod and Reel

There's a time in everyone's life when you walk past the ailse of fishing equipment and wonder, "What's the right rod and reel for me?"

The fact is that not every situation calls for the same rod and reel combo, but learning a casting style and having a solid, go anywhere do anything combo is essential for learning the basics and becoming a better fisherman.

The All in One Combo:

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